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Honestly the most nicest gym out there. Couldn’t have gotten a better greeting, and it just felt like home. All of the trainers are approachable and kind, and the facility is matted by quality Zebra mats. I recommend this place to all levels of experience!

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- Meng V.
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About Mixed Martial Arts
In the early 1990’s the UFC and the Gracie family burst onto the scene with “No Rules” fighting and immediately put into the question the effectiveness of many traditional martial art styles. Although the original competitions were highly criticized as being barbaric and scrutinized by politicians, they did teach one very important lesson: the best martial art style was not having ONE, but instead a blend of several arts including striking, wrestling, and submissions.
Students who are interested in learning Mixed Martial Arts should participate in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Students must first learn the basic techniques of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before they will be able to adequately blend theses skills together.
Once a member has reached an appropriate level in all of these individual classes, they may be recommended to join the “invite only” advanced classes which are designed for the serious fighter and competitive athlete.


Required Gear & Equipment
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin guards
  • Rashguard
  • MMA Shorts
  • Mouthpiece (Recommended)
  • Groin Protection (Recommended)

What Can You Expect From Our Classes?

  • Great for recreational students and experienced fighters
  • No experience neccesary
  • Get In Great Shape

  • Great Classes for Fitness, Fun, and Self-Defense
  • Classes Taught by BJJ Black Belt and Team USA Kickboxing World Champion

  • No More Boring Workouts!
  • You’ll Never Have the Same Class Twice!
  • No Long-Term Contract Required

Our Instructor

Our advanced MMA class is taught by Black belt instructor, Mayko Araujo Borges. Originally from Brasilia, Brazil; Mayko has been training in Jiu-Jitsu since 2001. He received his black belt in 2011 under Leo Vieira and has been teaching since 2007. Mayko has an extensive competition resume, most notably taking bronze in the Black Belt division at the 2012 No-Gi World Championships and winning gold at the CBJJE Pan American Games in 2011. He has worked with several UFC fighters and has an MMA record of 1-0.


Well structured , organized and always clean. Great instructors always willing to help. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this place has the right program for you.

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-Mikhail L.
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