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Not a day goes by when I am not inspired by the wonderful athletes that train at The Cellar. World class talent! No-Gi Women’s World Champion Lightweight Division, congrats Karen!

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- Asel K.
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About Our Women’s Only BJJ Classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that teaches a smaller person to how to defend themselves against a larger attacker by using proper leverage and technique. BJJ is a grappling based art (similar to wrestling), where a majority of the training takes place on the ground, and what to do if an opponent/attacker is on top of you. This makes BJJ an excellent self-defense tool for women! It may seem that being on the ground with an opponent on top is an inferior position, but with proper training, students will learn how to utilize various chokes and joint-locks that force an opponent to submit in competition or create an opportunity to safely escape a dangerous situation.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has proven to be highly effective for women in self-defense situations because it teaches a student how to counteract someone within their close, personal space. However, this close-quarter training can be intimidating for beginners, especially when training with members of the opposite sex. This is why The Cellar Gym started a Women’s Only BJJ class!

The women’s only class helps females accelerate their learning by training with other women, similar in size, and by eliminating some of the difficulties that beginner women face. The class teaches technique, but also involves live training against a resisting opponent. This helps students test their skills in real-life situations while also building strength and improving cardiovascular fitness.

What Can You Expect From Our Classes?

  • Beginner Friendly Classes
  • No Previous Experience Needed
  • Get In Great Shape

  • Great Classes for Fitness, Fun, and Self-Defense
  • Classes Taught by BJJ Black Belt World Champion

  • No More Boring Workouts!
  • You’ll Never Have the Same Class Twice!
  • No Long-Term Contract Required

Our Instructor

Our Women’s BJJ Class is taught by BJJ Black Belt and 4x World Champion, Karen Antunes Borges. Karen and her husband Mayko moved to the U.S. from Brazil in 2014 and began teaching at The Cellar Gym in 2015.

Karen has dedicated her life to Jiu Jitsu & fitness and she is incredibly driven and passionate about teaching BJJ to women. She is excellent at working with beginners and is great at motivating women to push beyond their limits. Come learn from one of the best in the world!


Thanks Karen, for the incredibly hard, physically demanding, but exhilarating and challenging jiu jitsu class!

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Alena H - bjj class review
- Alena H.
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