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The most welcoming, supportive trainers and members! Love the intense, hard workouts. Trainers are fantastic and encouraging, always pushing you beyond what you thought were your limits. Can’t wait to get to the Cellar everyday and miss it when I’m not able to. Challenge yourself and join, you won’t regret it!

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Alena H - bjj class review
– Alena H.
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About Boxing

Classes blend cardiovascular and core training through shadow boxing, jumping rope, pad work, boxing drills, heavy bag routines, and abdominal exercises to create a workout with the same principles used by our competitive fighters.

You will learn proper punching technique, footwork and head movement skills that will challenge your body and give you an incredible workout.  Boxing classes are ideal for individuals who are looking for a great work out and to learn self – defense skills as well as those who have a desire to compete.

Required Gear & Equipment

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Handwraps
  • Clean Indoor Shoes or Train Barefoot

Our Instructors

Our Boxing program is taught by World Champion kickboxer, Chris Cichon; and veteran boxer, Aaron Rydeen. All three instructors have a wealth of boxing knowledge and competitive boxing experience.

What Can You Expect From Our Classes?

  • Beginner Friendly Classes
  • No Previous Experience Needed
  • Great for the Recreational Athlete or Aspiring Competitor

  • Great Classes for Fitness, Fun, and Self-Defense
  • Classes Taught by Veteran Fighters and Expert Coaches

  • No More Boring Workouts!
  • You’ll Never Have the Same Class Twice!
  • No Long-Term Contract Required



Kru Chris pays close attention to his students, demostrates and corrects their mistakes well. High profeincy in the boxing department.Good sparring and friendly people.

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– Alex Dar.
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