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Our son has been going to The Cellar Gym for almost three years. He loves his instructors and everything he is learning about martial arts. We love all the positive life lessons that go along with it. Highly recommend checking out the Cellar Gym!

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Youth Martial Arts

Youth Muay Thai (ages 6-14 yrs)

Muay Thai, translated to English as “Thai Boxing”, is the National sport of Thailand. It is also referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it involves using one’s punches, kicks, elbows, and knees to create eight points of contact as opposed to two fists which are used in Western Boxing. Unlike the striking arts of kickboxing and boxing which do not allow clinching or holding of an opponent, Muay Thai also utilizes many different clinching techniques that create openings for all of the eight weapons in Muay Thai.

Many sports may have some participants seeing more or less playing time than others. This is not the case in the martial arts. Martial arts is an individual sport practiced in a social environment. Your child will learn and train at their own pace, to the best of their ability and potential; while making new friends and building teamwork skills. Every student will be encouraged to deliver their very best; each and every class. And as your child progresses through the rank levels, they will consistently face new and exciting challenges that bring them to the next level.

  • Train with a World Champion Instructor
  • Helps Build Confidence
  • No Previous Experience Needed
Our Instructors

Chris Cichon began Martial Arts in 1988. He has taught martial arts for more than 15 years and has trained/competed in a variety of styles including: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Karate. He is an active fighter and is the current IKF Light Middleweight World Kickboxing Champion. Chris is also a 3rd degree black belt in American Karate and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Katie Locken began her Martial Arts journey in 2002. She actively trains in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Katie has been teaching Martial Arts since 2005 and has a passion for helping students reach their full potential while also gaining confidence and having fun! Katie is an active fighter and won the Women’s Bantamweight Muay Thai Belt at the TBA Classic in 2017.  She is also a 4th degree black belt in American Karate and blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Required Gear & Equipment
  • Muay Thai shorts
  • Muay Thai shirt
  • Boxing Gloves
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