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    • Can I try a free class?

      Of course! We encourage all prospective members to try a class before signing up. All you need to do is come in and fill out a waiver. If you are under 18 years old you will need to have a parent come in with you and sign the waiver. For information on getting started, Click Here.

    • I have no previous experience, can I train at The Cellar?

      Absolutely!  Most of our members come in with no previous martial arts experience.  During your first class, one of our trainers will work with you on the fundamental skills and you will quickly be able to experience how fun and rewarding our classes can be.

    • Do I have to fight?

      No.  In fact, only 10% of all our students have a desire to compete and we have special classes designed for those students.  The majority of our members train for fitness, fun, recreation, and self-defense.

    • I want to become a fighter, how should I start?

      For an aspiring fighter, your technique needs to be more polished than the recreational student.  Start training in our regular classes and focus on perfecting your technique.  When you are ready, one of our trainers will invite you to start training in our fighter classes.

    • Do you offer training for kids?

      Yes, we have a variety of classes for kids ages 3 to 17.  For more information on our youth programs, Click Here.

    • Does The Cellar offer private training?

      Yes, we have several trainers that specialize in one-on-one training.  Some members prefer learning in a one-on-one environment, some want to focus on technique, and some members want to prepare for competition.  For more info, Click Here.

    • This looks dangerous, do people get hurt training?

      Our top priority in all of our classes is the safety of our members.  Although injuries do sometimes happen, the injury rate in martial arts training is often less than in other sports/activities.

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