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I absolutely recommend The Cellar Gym. My kids (3yr old and 6 yr old) also asked me to give 5 stars! The three of us joined the Cellar Gym on October 2023. We have tried not to miss any classes, and love each and every session.

Joining the Cellar Gym was one of the best decision we made as a family for our health and getting stronger together. We are surrounded by motivated, positive and humble people. Each and every teacher is very professional and experienced, and they are kind and care about our growth. Staff members are welcoming, fun and always making sure we are enjoying the classes.

We are thankful to the Cellar Gym. If you are looking for a gym, please give the Cellar a try. You will love it here.

Well-structured, organized and always clean. Great instructors are always willing to help. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this place has the right program for you.

I checked out the Saturday morning kickboxing class…No experience required, they were great about stopping by to tailor my workout to my level since the rest of the class appears to be regulars. First class is complementary, though I can’t imagine anyone leaving and not wanting to sign up for more…For the recreational fitness junkie, this is a fun workout, high calorie burn, my arms are already sore (and we just got done 2 hours ago), fun change of pace from the normal routine, and an empowering experience.

For those who have not heard of Cichon, he is a stand-up fighting wizard who runs CELLAR FIGHT AND FITNESS. I was blown away watching Chris hold mitts/pads and discussing foot work, head movement and combinations. I have seen a lot of people hold mitts/pads in my time, but no one with the deep understanding and fluidity that I was seeing from Chris.

Our son has been going to The Cellar Gym for almost three years. He loves his instructors and everything he is learning about martial arts. We love all the positive life lessons that go along with it. Highly recommend checking out the Cellar Gym!

Honestly the most nicest gym out there. Couldn’t have gotten a better greeting, and it just felt like home. All of the trainers are approachable and kind, and the facility is matted by quality Zebra mats. I recommend this place to all levels of experience!

Beginner’s BJJ is a wonderful blend of technique, philosophy and exercise. You will learn the basics and get a great workout, while at the same time dig below the surface of a complex martial art.

Such a great place to train! Quality instruction by teachers who truly are the best around! I have been looking for such a facility for a couple years, and I’m so grateful I found The Cellar!! You guys ROCK!

MMA Training is Great for Women!

Lauren talks about her MMA training at The Cellar Gym in Minneapolis and how it’s not just for fighters.

This “bubbly little girl” is a college graduate and she trains at The Cellar Gym because she likes the way her coaches push her during training. She enjoys the self-defense aspects of Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how she’s able to be herself during classes.

I’ve never met more dedicated or passionate people in my life. This place has changed the way I live . Never a boring class, never an uncaring trainer..a never say never kind of place. Everyone should try a class…you’ll be hooked!

It’s Not Too Late To Start!

At 57 years young, Dave H. trains at The Cellar Gym 5 days per week doing a variety of classes: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He may have training partners that are half his age, but Dave has no trouble keeping up and he believes his martial arts training is easier on his body than other exercise options he has explored.

Dave is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has been training at The Cellar Gym in Minneapolis for over 4 years.

The workout is kickass. The techniques you learn are perfect. The atmosphere is great. Very friendly people all around. Never knew losing weight would be such a breeze. I don’t mean to say the classes are easy but they are definitely fun and the one hour you spend at The Cellar will result in burning at least 700 – 800 calories.

The youth karate instructor is *OUTSTANDING*. His classes are the perfect balance of teaching technique, respect, and fun. My kids love their class. Parents can stay and watch–though you have a weight room right across the hallway, why not join yourself and get a workout at the same time as your kids?

Martial Arts Brings Families Together

The Cano family talks about their training in The Cellar Gym’s kids BJJ classes, youth karate classes and teen Muay Thai classes.

These sisters are confident because they know they can defend themselves if they are attacked or bullied. Their parents train alongside and they see the impact martial arts has had on their daughters by the way they behave at home and perform at school. The Cano family enjoys training martial arts together and sharing their experiences together.

My kids have been taking karate classes from Mr. Bravo for several months now, and it is wonderful to watch their self-confidence bloom. He has a natural ability to motivate and inspire kids of all ages. In his classes he focuses not only on physical skills, but also teaches important life skills such as healthy eating and living, kindness to others, discipline, and self-assertion. He is an amazing teacher!

Robert Drysdale Recommends The Cellar Gym

6x BJJ World Champion, UFC Veteran, and coach of several UFC Champions, Robert Drysdale talks about the beautiful facility at The Cellar Gym and the great instructors that it hosts.

Robert’s student, Marcelo Nunes, is the head BJJ instructor at The Cellar and Robert was able to do some kickboxing training with The Cellar’s Muay Thai instructor, Chris Cichon.

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