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“The Nicest Facility in Minnesota”

Our clean and spacious facility was newly renovated in 2012 and has been called, “the nicest MMA facility in Minnesota”. The facility features 3 separate training floors; one for striking, one for Jiu Jitsu/MMA, and a private room for youth training.

  • 3 Training Floors
  • Boxing Ring
  • Heavy Bags
  • Speed Bag
  • MMA Cage Panels
  • Zebra MMA and Combo Mats
  • Weight Area with Plates & Dumbbells
  • Cardio Room with Treadmill & Elliptical
  • Fully Stocked Pro-Shop
  • Lobby with Beverage Bar & TV

Our facility is cleaned daily and the mats are washed twice daily. Our goal is to be not just the nicest, but also the cleanest MMA facility in MN!

We’ve Grown Out of the Basement

With humble roots, The Cellar was started in the basement of a deli & convenience store near the University of Minnesota in 2002. The gym has since expanded 3 times to become the facility it is today. In 2013 The Cellar was named on MSP Magazines’ list of best places to work out.

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2828 Anthony Lane S
Minneapolis, MN 55148
(612) 355-2259

Established in 2002

The Cellar Kickboxing Gym was started in 2002 in the basement of a convenient store. Over the past 10+ years the gym has grown and expanded three times to become the facility it is today. In addition to its size, the gym has also grown to offer more than just kickboxing. Today The Cellar offers classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, and more!

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