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CJ Hays

Cooper (C. J.) Hays is a kickboxing instructor at The Cellar Gym.

C.J. started wrestling when he was a kid. He instantly fell in love with the sport because he had never experienced a competition quite like that. He continued to develop over the years, and gained several accolades along the way, including wrestling D2 NCAA for 4 years.

After his wrestling career, he felt something was missing in his life. He came into the gym overweight, but hungry for glory! He decided The Cellar was the perfect place for him to make my dreams come true of competing at a world-class level in Mixed Martial Arts.

C.J’s is currently 5-0 in Muay Thai, and won the C class Cruiserweight TBA title in 2018. He has a Purple rank in Muay Thai and a Blue Belt in BJJ.

Teaching style: C.J. likes to keep things simple, but with a lot of repetition! You will work hard in his classes, and not have to think too much as to whether or not you’re doing the technique right. Oh, and you will do at least one Overhand combo per class 🙂

Quote: “I think the most important quote I’ve ever heard for competing at a high level is, ‘Hard work is the greatest advantage!’ by Garret Lowney who was Olympic Wrestling Bronze Medalist”

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