Darcie Thomsen

Darcie Thomsen is a fitness kickboxing and youth Muay Thai instructor at The Cellar Gym.

Darcie joined the Cellar in 2014, and quickly got hooked on kickboxing and Muay Thai as ways to socialize,
relax, and stay active. Darcie started competing in Muay Thai in 2016, and won the Class C Atomweight Thai
Boxing Association title in 2017. She currently has a Red rank in Muay Thai, and is an active competitor in
kickboxing and Muay Thai. Darcie is often referred to as the “Monster” by many of her training partners. She
is tiny but tough!

Outside of the gym, Darcie works as an applied social science researcher, and has a Master of Social
Work from the University of Michigan.

Teaching style: Darcie would describe her teaching style as motivating and energetic. Darcie strives to help all of her
students, both youth and adults, uncover their potential by challenging them to do their best in a fun and
positive environment. Darcie values building strong relationships with her students, teammates, and the gym

Quote: We are all stronger than we think we are – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want my students
to do challenging and rewarding things, build their confidence, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.
Everyone is welcome at The Cellar Gym. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or don’t know the difference
between a jab and a cross, you’ll leave my classroom sweaty and smiling!

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