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Jess Prewett

Jess is a fitness kickboxing instructor at the Cellar Gym.

After a back injury put a hiatus on her powerlifting aspirations, she joined the Cellar in 2014 looking for training that would keep her focused and excited to develop new skills. Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu quickly became passions instead of just a way to work out. Today, Jess has her purple rank in Muay Thai and is a fourth-stripe blue belt in BJJ.

Outside of the Cellar, Jess has a B.S. in Communication & Modern Media and a certification in Health and Wellness promotion. She is also a lifelong vegetarian with a special focus on sports nutrition and plant-based diets for athletes. As an instructor, Jess loves teaching people of all fitness and experience levels and seeing them improve from class to class. She has a health-positive philosophy and strives to help people work towards their individual goals, whether it’s learning a new sport, self-defense, weight loss, training for competition, or a hobby.

Quote: “Always give yourself credit for your small victories, instead of getting hung up on everything you want to improve. Every day you train is a step forward.”

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