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BJJ Gi Weave Breakdown

A jiu-jitsu gi is an incredible tool used to submit, throw, and pin our opponents. But not all gis are the same. Certain gis are made of different materials which influence its overall durability, shrinkage, and comfort while training. Check out this breakdown to see what gi weave and material might be right for your next purchase.

Jacket Construction

Single Weave
This is typically what your first student gi will be made out of. They tend to be the lightest and therefore least expensive of the weaves. The downside of the single weave gi is it’s not near as durable as the other options.

Double Weave
The double weave is like combining two single weave gis. The thickness can be positive and negative. Due to the thickness of this weave, the gi tends to last longer and is harder for your opponents to grip. However, due to the extra tightly woven fabric, they retain heat and make you overheat. However, this type of weave can be more abrasive to your skin.

Gold Weave
The gold weave is a hybrid between the double and single weaves. This weave has the lightness of the single weave but the durability of a double weave.

Pearl Weave
The pearl weave is in between a single and a gold weave. These tend to be a popular choice for competition as they are light yet durable. This particular weave is light and breathable. Jackets made out of this type of weave is characterized by the tiny pearls or bumps in the fabric.

Bamboo Weave
Gis made out of Bamboo is a softer weave and unlike cotton doesn’t shrink after multiple washes. Since these gis don’t take as many chemicals to manufacturer it’s less abrasive. Also, due to the material, the gi actually becomes softer over time, unlike cotton.

For the more eco-conscious BJJ practitioners, the hemp gi is a great choice. Hemp is durable, breathable and works to keep you cooler on the mat. Also, hemp is great for warm, humid climates thanks to its breathability, moisture absorption and is resistant to mildew.

Pants Construction

These pants are highly recognized by the ripstop square pattern created by one set of thicker stitching woven through a grid over the smaller stitching. Ripstop is characterized by its ultra lightness and prevents rips and tears before they spread through the weave.

These pants tend to be durable but when they begin to fray or tear they can rip very easily. Unfortunately, pants made out of cotton tend to shrink over time so you will have to take that into consideration for competition purposes.

Duck Canvas Cotton
Duck Canvas Cotton is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric. This is one of the more durable fabrics. Thanks to the tightly woven fabric it is waterproof and is resistant to wear and tear.

When you are purchasing a BJJ gi it’s important to remember it is an investment and can potentially change your training cycle and allow you to progress efficiently. The most important factor to remember is that as long as you’re getting time on the mats and leveraging the grips that the gi provides, it’s not going to matter which type of gi you go with.

Written by: BJJ Informer

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