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Big Wins for Team Cellar at Grappling Industries Minneapolis

The Cellar’s BJJ team had an incredible day at Grappling Industries on December 10th! Our team brought the heat with 20 students competing across 23 divisions. The heart and determination on display were simply awe-inspiring, leading to numerous victories in intense matches. 

Overall, our team brought home 8 Gold, 9 Silver, and 6 Bronze medals. But the best part? We clinched the overall academy team points championship! 

  • Travis Galleberg went 4-0 and took Gold in his gi division.
  • Ben Postman went 5-1 in gi and 4-0 in no-gi. He took home Gold in gi and no-gi, and Silver in Absolute gi.
  • C.J. Hays went 3-1 in gi and 3-1 in no-gi. He took Bronze in gi and Silver in no-gi.
  • Abdulmouhsen Alfulaij went 2-1 in gi and 3-2 in no-gi. He took home Silver in gi and no-gi, Gold in Absolute gi, and Bronze in Absolute no-gi.
  • Charlie Keith went 2-0 in gi and 0-2 in no-gi. He took home Gold in his Gi division and Bronze in no-gi.
  • Alex McKinnell went 3-0 in gi and 3-0 in no-gi, taking Gold in both divisions.
  • Daniel Rogers went 4-1 and took Silver in gi.
  • Liam Strong went 3-2 and took Silver in gi.
  • Caitlin Mead went 2-3 in gi and took Bronze.
  • Tara Mitchell went 1-2 in gi, taking Bronze in the division.
  • Adam McCune went 3-2 in no-gi, taking Bronze.
  • Dylan Pohl went 4-1 in no-gi and took Bronze.
  • Grmawi Melake went 3-2 in no-gi, taking Silver.
  • Noah Ruhland went 2-0 in no-gi, taking Gold.
  • Daniel Kim went 2-2 in gi.
  • Vincent Nguyen went 3-2 in gi and 1-3 in no-gi.
  • Storm McKee went 3-2 in gi.
  • Ben Otanez went 0-4 in gi.
  • James Irving went 0-4 in gi.
  • Alex Park went 0-2 in no-gi.

Huge congratulations to our standout competitors. Your dedication and effort at this tournament made us incredibly proud! Keep chasing those dreams!

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