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Cichon Unanimous Over Sirman for IKF World Title Win


From www.IKFKickboxing.com

One thing will be set in the minds of the packed house for Friday nights IKF Amateur World Title! WOW! Whether the WOWS went towards Cichon’s explosive punches or kicks or the way Sirman took shot after thunderous shot and stood his ground, their would be plenty of WOWS to go around. It was a fight of True Gentlemen both inside and outside the ring. Both well deserving of the title, on this night Cichon proved to be the more busy of the two. Cichon came out blazing right along Sirman in round 1 as each threw a pretty even amount of kicks, around 13-14 each. However, it was Cichon’s hands that kept him ahead on the judges cards throughout the fight.

In round 2, Cichon kept up the kick count with 13 but Sirman dropped to 6. The drop off was due to the pressure Cichon put on him after his kicks, kick, kick, step in and work. Cichon kept Sirman backing up most of the round landing some pretty good shots.

Round 3 was back close again on the kick count at 15 each, but it was Cichon’s hands again that kept him ahead. It was surprising to see how little Sirman threw his hands seeming to opt for kicks when he could have scored more effectively with his hands when close. However, if you want a good judgement of what really happened in this fight, round 4 showed it all. in round 4 Cichon only threw 9 kicks to Sirman’s 16, but it was the damage he did with his hands that set him apart in everyone’s eyes. There were three times when Cichon hit Sirman so hard with combinations that he snapped Sirman’s head back, but remained strong. Everyone in the room wondered how he stood his feet on all three Cichon blitz’. We had to believe even Cichon wondered why he didn’t go down.

After the explosive round 4, Cichon went back to basics as he exploded with 20 kicks to Sirman’s 13. Still, it was Cichon’s mixes of hands and feet that won him the 5th straight round. In the end, Cichon scored an impressive unanimous decision victory over a very tough Alex Sirman, 50-45 on all three judges cards.

Will we see a rematch? Possibly, but we here at the IKF feel we would rather see Sirman drop down to Super Welterweight (147.1 lbs. – 153 lbs. – 66.9 kg – 69.5 kg) and take a shot at the vacant IKF World title there. In the Super Welterweight division there would be plenty of contenders to meet up with him which include Josh Fournier of Orange Park, Florida, USA, 8-0-1, Mitchell Whiley of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 7-1, Rolando Luna of Dalton, Georgia, USA, 6-5, Bill Mathies of Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA, 14-6/8 or Matthew Puckett of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, 9-3/2. Not that we don’t think Sirman can compete at light middle, but since he weighed in at 155, he would be much stronger dropping down 2 lbs and being at the top of a weightclass instead of so close to the bottom… just a thought…

This was a an explosive bout and yet another great Champion emerges from Cichon’s own gym, Celler Kickboxing Club. Chris now joins his other two team members who are also IKF Amateur World Champions, all trained by Justin Whiley which include, Adam McDermid of Mt. Iron, Minnesota, USA and Jon Lewis St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. A great group of Champions from an outstanding gym, Cellar Kickboxing.

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