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Thursday Fight Results

Chris started the day off against a strong Brazilian fighter. After two rounds it was even with one judge scoring Chris ahead one judge for Brazilian and one having it even. In the third round Chris believes he stood in front of him too much and was out scored in the third. Tough fight and the Brazilian was strong as an ox. Chris fought well but it wasn’t his day. Chris also said he couldn’t get points for strikes from one judge to save his life.John was up right after againsst new caldonia. He looked real crisp landing great hands and was up on two score cards with one even at end of round one. With 20 seconds left he got caught with a head round kick and was dropped. Jon beat the count but was still a little shaky on his feet. Ref called the bout with about 10 sec left. Real bummer to cause jon was beating the kid and was looking sharp in the ring.Simon took the ring next against chech fighter. This was a quick one as Simon landed a beautiful left hook on the chin knocking the chech out silly just 20 sec into rd one. USA finally gets a win and we have great momentum back on our side.Nathan key won by unamious decision and by a huge point spread against the French fighter. After the fight a bit of drama occurred as the French team believed the tape and guaze on nathan hands were illeagle and this called for a dq. There was a huge pow wow outside the ring. But the decision was not overturned. Nathan advances tomorow to face Norway.Tomorrows fighters include jim nathan Simon Adam and mike

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