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The Road to TBA: Austin Brown

Austin is currently preparing to compete at his 3rd TBA Classic Muay Thai Tournament in Des Moines, Iowa next weekend. Austin is competing in the Senior Open Class division of this tournament and will be facing a tough opponent with over 20 amateur fights on his record. Go Austin!

1. What is your weight class and current record?

SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT 165-172 3-3-0/0

2. How long have you been training Muay Thai?


3. Have you ever competed at TBA before? If so, what has been your experience?


4. How does a tournament differ from an ordinary fight?

Tournaments are harder, lots of waiting around to fight, sometimes multiple fights in a weekend. Not knowing who you will be fighting or how many fights you will have.

5. Why did you choose to get into Muay Thai?

I was training kickboxing for weight loss. Muay Thai was just the next step up so it just happened.

6. Why did you choose to get into fighting?

Went to see a few friends fight and thought I can do that. It’s a good way to test your skills and see how you have improved.

7. Is fighting the same or different than you expected it to be?

It’s a lot different than you’d think. When you first fight you just kind of forget everything and your body takes over. The more you fight the more relaxed you get and you can start thinking more strategy.

8. What was your first fight like? If you have never fought before… what are you most looking forward to?

I almost got knocked out before I threw my first punch. Very tough opponent but he didn’t have the stamina for each round. I just kept pushing and eventually ended up winning!

9. How have you grown since your first fight to now?

I have more experience after 6 fights. I can actually think and plan a little in the ring, a little more skill and a little more strategy.

10. What would you say has been the biggest benefit to fighting?

I’m definitely more relaxed at work and home. Punching and kicking every day gets out most of the stress and aggression of every day life. I’d say it’s a good release of energy.

11. What is your favorite part of getting ready for a fight? What is your favorite part of the actual fight?

I love the training in fight camp. It’s hard work but you get more focused with a fight to look forward to. Favorite part of the fight is the adrenaline when the bell rings and you land the first punch. It’s go time! Also getting your hand raised when you win. All the hard work paid off!

12. What is your least favorite part of getting ready for a fight? What is your least favorite part of the actual fight?

Least favorite part of getting ready is the diet. No drinking or bad eating habits. Good food is no fun! Least favorite part is when I know I’m not performing well or if I gas out too soon.

13. What does a typical “fight camp” look like for you?

Lots of running. Healthy diet. And around 3 hours of Muay Thai a day, if I have time to fit it in!

14. What does a typical “fight diet” look like for you?

Lots of salads and veggies and fruit and chicken. Nothing fried, not a lot of carbs. Higher protein and lots of water.

15. How does it feel to fight alongside so many teammates?

TBA is fun as we usually have 10 or so fighters all competing. It’s fun to watch and cheer each other on.

16. How have your teammates and coaches helped you through this camp?

Lots of team training helping each other out with weaknesses. Sparring helps a lot!

17. What advice would you offer to someone who aspires to fight one day?

Train hard and train everyday or don’t fight!

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