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Great Turnount Sunday for the Tom Schmitz BJJ Seminar


On Sunday afternoon The Cellar hosted BJJ Black Belt, Tom Schmitz for a special seminar. Tom taught techniques, answered questions, evaluated students and held mini in-house tournaments. At the completion of the event Tom promoted several of our students in rank with stripes for their hard work and improved technique. Thanks to everyone for coming out on a Sunday!

Congratulations to the following students on earning stripes:

  • Rob Klink – 4th Stripe Blue Belt
  • Aidan Donovan – 2nd Stripe Blue Belt
  • John Wang – 4th Stripes White Belt
  • Tho Kieu – 3rd Stripe White Belt
  • Chris Martin – 2nd Stripe White Belt
  • Doug Novak – 2nd Stripe White Belt
  • Bill Feildler – 2nd Stripe White Belt
  • (our apologies if we missed anyone)

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