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Category: Training Tips

Top 10 Cross-Training Workouts for Martial Artists

Practicing martial arts is a great way to build physical skills, develop a deeper mental focus, and promote athletic growth. While practicing your chosen martial art is absolutely essential to reach mastery, all martial artists can benefit from cross-training in…
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Rest and Recovery

Just like hard training sessions and a nutritious diet, adequate rest is an absolutely essential part of any regimen. Without rest, your body will not be able to repair the stresses of training or make adaptations to get stronger.  Your…
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Flexibility Training for Performance and Recovery

For most of us, the primary focus in our training routines is on progressing toward the big goal itself: Running faster, lifting more weight, getting in top shape for competition, and more. However, many athletes tend to fall short in…
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Hydration for Performance and Recovery

Water is the essence of all life. We all need water to be alive and healthy – water is required in literally every cellular function in our bodies, and it is responsible for the operation of vital organs, essential tissue…
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Eating to Fuel Your Training and Improve Recovery

Training hard is extremely important, but it’s just one component of an athlete’s regimen. The latest, greatest, most carefully structured training routine still won’t deliver those results you’re chasing without a balanced, nutritious diet! The food you eat today fuels…
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Recovery Tips to Maximize Your Training

There’s no better feeling than getting into that good training groove and seeing your skills, speed, and strength improve each day. But training hard is only part of the process – our bodies (and minds) need time to rest, repair,…
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