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McDermid and Whiley Win Gold at Mermaid Event Center

Friday was a very busy night at the Mermaid Event Center in Mounds View, MN for the Cellar Kickboxing Gym.  In the first bout of the night The Cellar’s Josh Bernstein (0-0) took on David Anderson (1-0).  Josh gave up several inches in height and reach, but came out very strong in the first round landing several strong kicks and punches.  In the second and third rounds Anderson began to control the distance and keep Josh on the outside landing kicks.  It was an excellent debut for Josh in his first Full-Contact bout, but the judges scored the bout 2 rounds to 1 in favor of David Anderson.  Congratulations to both fighters on an excellent bout.

Next on the schedule for the Cellar Fight Team was Dee Jay Jones.  Jones lives and trains out of Greensborough, N.C. and is part of the WAKO/KICK Team USA that traveled to Portugal last November along with the Cellar’s Jon Lewis, Neil Osten, Adam McDermid, and trainer Justin Whiley.  Jones originally had planned to come to The Cellar for a week long training camp to prepare for an upcoming October fight, but when the opportunity came up to fight while he was here, he jumped on it.  Jones was matched agaist Ontario, Canada’s Jordan Allan.  The two had fought before at the 2007 IKF World Classic where Dee Jay earned a unanimous decision.  It was a very exciting fight with both fighters keeping an extremely fast pace, but in the end the decision was given to Allan by split decision.  With the bout so close and the score tied at 1-1, promoter Bobby Anderson announced he would set the pair up for a third bout in November, this time with an IKF North American Title on the line.  Look for Dee Jay around the gym all week long as he trains with the Cellar Fight Team and you’ll see him back again in seven weeks.

During the intermission of the event youth karate students from the Cellar Kickboxing Gym took the ring to give a karate demonstration.  Amilia Perez was first performing a musical form.  It was her first ever demonstration and she had coreographed the musical form in under a weeks time, but she did fantastic.  Amilia looked sharp in her performance and the crowd got into the show, clapping to the beat.  Great Job Amilia!  Following the form, karate sisters, Alicia and Amanda Joswiak did a self-defense demonstration/skit with instructor Chris Cichon.  Cichon began the skit bullying the girls who happened to have super powers.  Alicia and Amanda proved a scary bad guy and some kryptonite were no match for their martial arts moves.  The crowd was very entertained and impressed with the performance, thanks for all your hard work girls!

After the intermission the Cellar Fight Team was back in the ring as Mitch Whiley (6-1) took on Adam Patneaude (5-0) for the vacant IKF Super Welterweight MN State Title.  Whiley had tons of support from family and friends in attendance and they were so loud you could barely here yourself speak.  Whiley controlled the fight throughout with great combinations of punches and kicks to earn a unanimous decision win 40-35, 39-36, and 39-36.

In the main event of the evening, The Cellar Fight Team’s Adam McDermid challenged Daniel Brison for the vacant IKF Cruiserweight World Title.  It was a good fight and the crowd was on their feet yet again.  But Brison had no answer for McDermid’s powerful and fluid kicks.  Throughout the 5 round battle McDermid threw a very impressive 83 kicks and won all 5 rounds on two of the judges scorecards.  The Cellar Fight Team now has two current World Champions in Jon Lewis and Adam McDermid.

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