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Nate Richardson Wins 8-Man Kickboxing Tournament


The Cellar added another member to its list of Champions Saturday as Nate Richardson won three fights in a single night to win the ESP 8-Man Lightweight Kickboxing Tournament and be crowned the ESP Lightweight Champion!

Nate accomplished something only a handful of K-1 and Glory superstars have done and defeated three tough opponents in one night. Nate’s first bout was against the very tough MMA veteran, Codie Kahler. Nate landed some huge leg kicks and utilized great boxing in close to go ahead early in the contest. During the exchanges Kahler was cut over both eyes and the bout was called off after the 2nd round due to doctor stoppage.

In the semi-finals Nate took on the very experienced and WEC Veteran, Courtney Buck. Buck had advanced to the semis with a huge knockout win over Roland Larson hadn’t taken any damage in his earlier bout. Nate came out patient in the first round as he learned Buck’s distance and speed. But in the final two rounds Nate looked amazing landing great boxing combinations, huge leg kicks, and made Buck miss repeatedly as he began to tire. Nate won the fight by unanimous decision.

On the other side of the bracket Nate was scheduled to face Joe Boone in the finals, but Joe had suffered a broken nose in his preliminary fights and was not in condition to continue after his controversial win over Brandon Jenkins. Because Joe could not continue, Jenkins advanced to the finals in his place to face Nate. Facing a taller opponent for the third time that night, Nate again started patiently as he learned his opponent’s distance and he chopped away at Jenkins’ legs. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds Nate moved into close range and let his hands go. He threw amazing boxing combinations, crushed the body, and scored points. At the final bell, Nate was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Nate Richardson won the ESP 8-Man Lightweight Kickboxing Tournament and was crowned the New ESP Lightweight Champion. With Nate’s 3 victories and Antonio Dvorak’s Heavyweight TKO, The Cellar Gym went 4-0 on the night and won 2x Championship Title.


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