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Poland – Day2

This morning the team got up bright and early to another great meal before going for a light jog and a short mit workout.

Following the workout they packed us into the bus and took us sight seeing. First we went to Wegrow to see an old castle that was build in the 1500′s. Next they took us to some other city I can’t pronounce the name of to see the Wood and Architecture museum. There wasn’t much to see here, mostly just old photos of families and a few old pieces of furniture. It was kind of funny because our amateur translators didn’t help too much. The tour guide would talk for about 3 min about some item, and the translator would explain it in less than 5 words. I don’t know who was more bored, us or the translators.

After the sight seeing we were taken to a very nice restaurant that is sponsoring the fights. We were treated to a wonderful 4 course meal on the house and stuffed to the max…probably not a real good thing the day before weigh-ins, but it was worth it.

Following the big lunch we stopped over at a grocery store to get some food and supplies for after the weight cut. They had this funky little scale+calculator for buying fruit and I couldn’t even begin to figure it out because I don’t know the polish names of any of the fruits. Luckily a nice lady saw my confused look and was eager to help. The team also got mobbed by a bunch of locals outside the front door (in front of the fight poster) who wanted their pictures taken with the team…fun stuff.

We got back to the hotel and did one more workout, this time rotating partners for light rounds of sparring and mixing in the occasional rounds of pad work. Everyone is feeling loose and ready to go. We felt a little groggy this morning from the flight, but that appears to be going away.

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