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Poland – Day3 (weigh-ins)

Saturday was a very low key day for us. Some of the team woke up early to begin cutting weight, others who were closer to fight weight chose to sleep in. Most of the day for Cichon and McDermid was spent in the sauna as both fighters had to lose about 7lbs. Around 3:00pm the weigh-ins for the event were held at our hotel (good thing we brought a scale with us cause some how the promoter forgot theirs). Everyone from both teams made weight and got to meet their opponents. Many of the pairing seem very equal is size/build, however USA’s Danny Griffin weighed in light for his fight and Adam McDermid’s Polish opponent is giving up a considerable size and weight advantage. There should be some very interesting bouts.

The rest of the day was spent putting the weight back on eating large meals and drinking lots of fluids. We spent a good portion of the night on Dee Jay and Adam’s stoop (hotel hallway between their two rooms) hanging out with the rest of team telling stories, discussing strategy, and sharing laughs.

Everyone is ready to go and anxious to fight. We can’t wait to get in there and represent our country.

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