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Dave Morin Wins MMA Bout in Wisconsin


The Cellar Fight Team traveled to Baldwin, WI Saturday evening as Dave Morin took on hometown favorite, Kyle Crable, in a Mixed Martial Arts bout held at the Coachman Club. The two middleweights came out swinging early and Dave secured the muay thai clinch, but was taken down before he could land any effective strikes. Dave landed in full guard and wasted no time grabbing an arm and locking in a spinning arm bar from the bottom, just 30 seconds into the first round. It was a big win for Dave as he wanted to prove he’s not just a striker anymore and now has a dangerous ground game as well. Congratulations Dave!

Dave Morin and his brother Adam have extensive training in Muay Thai and were teaching their own MMA program out of a small school in St. Paul. In December they decided to re-dedicate themselves to training and joined the Cellar to improve their jiu jitsu skills and have more training partners to work with. We are excited to have the Morin Brothers join our team and look forward to seeing them succeed in the ring and the cage much more in the future.

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