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Ignite Fights: Mecca XXI

The Cellar Gym team brought three Muay Thai fighters and two MMA fighters to Ignite Fights’ Mecca XXI fight event on February 17th in Shakopee, MN. We went 2-3 on the night; although some of our fighters didn’t get the results they were looking for, we had many standout moments and some very exciting action!

Grady Pesch stepped up as a last-minute replacement with only 4 days’ notice and brought his A-game to the ring. Despite his opponent’s strong clinch game, Grady showcased his teeps and range throughout the match. Though the decision didn’t swing his way this time, his determination and skill were undeniable. Grady will keep pushing, as always!

Star Pruitt stole the show with impeccable range and dynamic striking tonight! His technique and precision kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. Securing a unanimous decision victory, Star proved once again why he is a force to be reckoned with.

Jess Hays showed true grit and determination in the face of a tough and experienced opponent, battling through all 5 rounds with everything she had. Despite falling short this time, Jess conquered many firsts, including her first title shot and first A class fight without shin guards. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. Onward to the next chapter, Jess!

CJ Hays displayed excellent patience and distance management right from the start, coupled with subtle movements that kept his opponent guessing. Landing a devastating low kick early on showcased his skill and strategy. However, the fight took a turn when CJ got caught with a nasty right hand, leading to a ground and pound stoppage. In the fight game, often it only takes one punch.

Hykeem Green started off a bit slow and hesitant, but he turned things around in round 3, showcasing his resilience and skill to secure a majority decision victory! With this win, he’s now the new Ignite Lightweight Champion. Despite a brief halt due to an illegal knee, Hykeem pushed through, and we also commend his opponent for continuing to fight. Good work, Hykeem!

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