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Muay Thai Ranking Evaluation at The Cellar Gym


The Cellar Gym and Coach Chris held a Muay Thai Student Evaluation over the weekend to help place students at the proper rank according to the Thai Boxing Association’s new armband (prajed) ranking system. Coach Chris put the group through a number of different drills including: shadow boxing, focus mitts, thai pads, glove (dutch) drills, defense drills, and finished with a cardio burn out.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who attended. The next Muay Thai testing at The Cellar Gym is being tentatively planned for June 2015.

Promoted to Brown Level:
Ryan Sternberg
Jen Cichon
Antonio Dvorak

Promoted to Red Level:
Nicholas Lee
Di Lin
Devlin Borders
Pam Sorenson

Promoted to Purple Level:
Taylor Carik
James DiPietro
Mario Peralta

Promoted to Blue Level:
Dylan Bassett
Javen Guzik
Ross Landis
Shahar Journo
Lauren Cano
Jason Fu
Melyssa Mogdans
Hooiling Soh
Zach Spehar
Toni Weinbeck
Chuhue Thao

Promoted to Green Level:
Christine Bohn
Mike Kleitz
Austin Brown
Joe Reece
Brittany Gorham

Promoted to Orange Level:
Jess K.
Trisha Munsinger
Elspeth Lucas
Pom Lieng

Promoted to Yellow Level:
Medora Witwer
Earl Van Norman
Payahm Mansoori
Nail Albarghouthi
Kody Aigner

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