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Wellness Month at The Cellar Gym

Starting on January 2, 2024, The Cellar Gym will be hosting a Wellness Month!

Wellness is about so much more than just the physical body — it’s a complex and constantly evolving way of living that includes mental, social, and emotional health in addition to body health. Each and every single one of us defines and experiences wellness differently.

At The Cellar Gym, we believe wellness is profoundly connected to the practice of martial arts and important to the development of all our students. Wellness Month is designed to help our Cellar members explore different aspects of health and wellness; from physical components like exercise and nutrition, to mental and social components including recovery and community.

Free Pop-Up Classes

Each week, we’ll be offering a free weekend pop-up class discussing different subjects that contribute to wellness. These classes are open to all Cellar members ages 10+. Visit the Cellar Gym app for more information and to register.

Strength Training Fundamentals: Sunday, January 7th @ 11am-12:30pm

Nutrition Fundamentals for Fitness: Sunday, January 14th @ 11am-12:30pm

Flexibility Fundamentals: Sunday, January 21st @ 11am-12:30pm

Recovery Fundamentals: Sunday, January 28th @ 11am-12:30pm

Enter the Bingo Challenge to Win Big!

Starting on January 2nd, visit our front desk to pick up a Wellness Month bingo card! The challenge is just $10 to join, and is entirely free to complete after the initial entry fee. Get 1 raffle entry just for joining, plus additional entries for completing Bingo’s (here’s a secret: multiple bonus entries for a blackout bingo!).

And So Much More!

  • Themed weekly blog content
  • Daily wellness prompts in the Cellar app
  • Discounts on MyZone heart rate monitors during January
  • Rewards for completing member surveys
  • Rewards for attending classes

We can’t wait to get Wellness Month started!!

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