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Results From Central States Karate Championships


Congratulations to all our competitors at the Central States Karate Championships! Everyone participating put on a fantastic performance, demonstrated outstanding effort, and turned a few heads in the process!

Here’s how everyone did:

  • Joe T. (Green Belt) – 3rd place Traditional Forms
  • Jenny C. (Purple Belt) – 1st place Traditional Forms
  • Alicia J. (Blue Belt) – 1st place Creative Forms, 3rd place Traditional Forms
  • Matthew J. (Blue Belt) – 3rd place Traditional Forms
  • Andrew R. (Blue Belt) – 3rd place Traditional Forms, 1st place Sparring
  • Mariah S. (Blue Belt) – 5th place Traditional Forms, 3rd place Sparring
  • Amilia P. (Blue Stripe Belt) – 2nd place Traditional Forms, 3rd place Sparring
  • Mr. Cichon. (Black Belt) – 1st place Sparring

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