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The Cellar Welcomes BJJ Black Belt, Marcelo Nunes


We are very proud to introduce The Cellar’s newest addition to our very talented staff; BJJ Black Belt, Marcelo Nunes. Marcelo has joined The Cellar to help build our BJJ and MMA programs and he plans to get right to work by adding more classes to our schedule. Beginning July 9th, Marcelo will be teaching 9 classes per week at The Cellar!

Marcelo was born in São Paulo, Brazil and began training Jiu Jitsu at the age of 13. He is a BJJ Black Belt under World Champion Robert Drysdale and has many years of teaching experience at the Drysdale Jiu Jitsu Headquarters in Las Vegas, NV and in Guam where he was also an instructor for the U.S. Army. In 2012 Marcelo moved to Minneapolis to join The Cellar.

As an avid competitor Marcelo has won Jiu Jitsu tournaments in Brazil, U.S.A., and the Philippines. He has a very impressive competition record and one day plans to compete in MMA.

Some of Marcelo’s competition medals include:

Torneio Master jiu jitsu-2003                          bronze
Circuito Aberto Paulista-2003                               silver
Copa Projeto Vitoria de jiu jitsu-2003                        silver
Campeonato Brasileiro de jiu jitsu-2004                  gold
Campeonato Beneficente Hammer-2004                 gold
Campeonato Beneficiente Hammer-2004 absoluto     gold
Campeonato Paulista-2004                                       silver
Etapa do circuito FESP -2004                                silver
Etapa do circuito Paulista-2004                              silver
Etapa Circuito Paulista- 2004                                  gold
Etapa Circuito Paulista Absoluto                            silver
Copa Projeto Vitoria-2005                                        gold
Copa São Paulo Open-2005                                         gold
Copa Circuito Fesp-Itatiba-2005                                gold
Campeonato internacional de jiu jitsu-2005              gold
Circuito Fesp jiu jitsu 2005                                            gold
Etapa circuito Fesp-2005                                            gold
Etapa do circuito  Aberto Paulista -2005                    gold
Etapa do circuito  Aberto Paulista-2005 absoluto       bonze
Etapa do circuito Paulista-2005                                  gold
Campeonato Mundial-2005                                           gold
Campeonato Paulista de jiu jitsu-2005                           Bronze
Etapa circuito Paulista-2005-                                      gold
Copa Aliance jiu jitsu-2006                                        gold
São Paulo Open-2006                                                     silver
Campeonato Internacional de jiu jitsu-2006                    gold
Etapa Circuito Paulista jiu jitsu-2006                            gold
Copa Fight                                                                   gold
Taça Botucatu Federação Paulista-2006                          gold
Campeonato Brasileiro de Equipe-2007                            gold
Campeonato Mundial 2007                                               gold
Circuito Christian Keller-2009                                        gold
Campeonato Paulista de jiu jitsu-2009                                silver
Campeonato Paulista de jiu jitsu-2009 absoluto                  gold
Etapa do Campeoato Paulista ji jitsu 2009                       silver
Campeonato Paulista sem Kimono -2009                           gold
Etapa Itu ASFIP sem Kimono -2010                                  silver
Arizona Brasilian jiu jitsu-2010                                           gold
arizona brasilian jiu jiotsu 2010 absoluto                             gold
marinas open guam  2010                                                gold
marinas open guam 2010 absolute                                   gold
marinas open guam 2011                                                  gold
marinas  open guam 2011 absolute                                   gold
marianas open guam 2012                                                gold
marianas open guam 2012 absolute                                  gold
phillipine brazilian jiu jitsu international 2012                     gold
phillipine brazilian jiu jitsu international 2012 absolute       gold

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