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Category: Fitness

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Virtual Martial Arts Training Keeps Figueroa Family Active At Home

Carrie and Edgar Figueroa with their daughters, Vera (7) and Evelyn (6) The COVID-19 pandemic has us all trying to find ways to replicate the gym experience. We all miss the sound of people hitting pads, coaches yelling and encouraging,…
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3-Way Neck Stretch for Combat Sports

Do you every have a sore neck from holding up your guard? Maybe your neck is tight from posting off your head in BJJ. Your neck can even get fatigued after spending many hours at the computer or using our mobile device.
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performance training camp

Speed and Performance Camp

With the 2018 Football season quickly approaching, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Ben Locken, will be leading a Speed and Performance camp at The Cellar Gym starting this June.¬†This camp will combine traditional agility, plyometric, and calisthenic drills with explosive MMA…
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